Rain – Secret Sphere – Scent Of Human Desire

Posted: March 1st, 2018 under Master Tape.

The fashion house of Valentino launches its new fragrance named Valentina in mid-September 2011. The fragrance, inspired by Rome rain – Secret Sphere – Scent Of Human Desire Italian flavors, is developed in collaboration with Puig and perfumers Alberto Morillas and Olivier Cresp. The composition is designed as a fresh floral – fruity – oriental, full of contradictions, simultaneously delicate and strong, elegant, sensual, rebellious and fun.

It starts off with bergamot from Calabria and white truffles from Alba. The face of the advertising campaign is model Freja Beha Erichsen, shot by David Sims. Valentina is available as 30, 50 and 80 ml EDP with additional body lotion, body oil, shower gel and deodorant. It’s a lovely perfume, but I’m not sure, yet anyway, whether there’s anything _very_ distinctive about it.

I look forward to giving it another run-out soon. Valentina is a pleasing feminine floral backed with delicate strawberries, warm amber, and faint pepper. It is powerful at first but very quickly softens. It is classy, calm, maybe a little coy. Most people would find it very pleasant and inoffensive. The bottle is a little work of art.

Somehow I expected more from this perfume. I thought that behind the beautiful name and the gentle bottle there will be a unique perfume, something different and memorising. I didn’t find such a thing. I have this perfume for 1 year and I rarely use it, I do not like it. But today I was in a mood for experiments and I sprayed. I felt it very well the first 2 hours, then totally disappeared and I was very angry. But outside, as I walked, it was light rain and it became damp.

Here I am in autumn, about 14 degrees Celsius. Suddenly this perfume broke out, I felt it very distinctly and pleasantly. When I sprayed this in the air, I loved it. But on my skin it turned out to be a little odd. Exactly oriental-floral scent Jasmine, tuberose and hint of tuber in the middle.