Battle Of The Beanfield

Posted: March 1st, 2018 under CD.

The text was collected by Dadd from Mr. Battle Of The Beanfield was a traditional Plough Monday play, latterly performed by youths. Doctor and Jack Finney, which appears to have been improvised each year, so that jokes and stories from the year just gone could be incorporated into the play.

Here’s Father Christmas, clear the way. We are come to taste your beer. I’m sure that I shall please you all. And now Bold Slashers heart I’ll pierce. They fight, and down goes the St. Your Mother as was once so jolly. Is there a Doctor to be found?

I’ll cure the knight upon the ground. Pray good Doctor, what is thy fee? Ten guineas is my fee, but ten pounds I’ll take of thee. Pray good Doctor, what can you cure?

I’ll cure this knight, that’s for sure. A drop of my elegant eel pain will bring him about. Now who will hold my horse? There now follows a piece of improvised clowning and coarse talk between the Doctor and Jack Finney. But dead men I can do nothing about.

On my shoulder I carries a club. In my hand a dripping pan. Don’t you think I’m a jolly old man? I’ll play a tune to please you all. In comes I, old Johnny Jack.

A little please, will help us all. Spare us beer, bread and cheese. Show us favour, pray give us money. We wish that God bless you.

Marquessate of Ailesbury, and its subsidiary titles. David Brudenell-Bruce is the son of Michael Brudenell-Bruce, 8th Marquess of Ailesbury and Edwina Sylvia de Winton Wills of W. He has been Secretary of Marlborough Conservatives since 1985, and has been a member of the Executive of the Devizes Constituency Conservative Association since 1988. Since 1987, he has been the 31st Hereditary Warden of Savernake Forest, the only privately owned forest in England. I hadn’t realised that anybody that appeared to be supporting elements that stood against the establishment would be savaged by establishment newspapers.

Now one thinks about it, nothing could be more natural. I hadn’t realised that I would be considered a class traitor. I do feel I’m entitled to say “that’s a terrible thing you’re doing, Officer”. After a divorce, he re-married in 2011 Catherine Joanne Powell, of Flagstaff, Arizona, now Countess of Cardigan.

In October 2013 his wife gave birth to a daughter, Lady Sophie Jane Brudenell-Bruce. Natalie Clarke, I’m so broke I’m trying to get a job as a lorry driver: Earl of Cardigan on moving out his stately pile and why he’s living on benefits, The Daily Mail, 1 February 2013. 5m estate goes to the children’, The Times, 7 March 2013, No. Earl of Cardigan: I’m not down and out.