Various – Blue In The Face – Music From The Miramax Motion Picture

Posted: March 8th, 2018 under DVD.

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Click the arrow button in the top upper corner of your browser. Click to Run the downloaded file. By clicking to run this downloaded file you agree to the Microsoft Service Agreement and Privacy Statement. But there have also, over the years been even odder stories of delayed releases, some longer, some shorter, but all illuminating when it comes to the way that the film industry works. Directed by and starring Jerry Lewis, the film follows the story of a down-on-his-luck German circus clown, Helmut Doork, who is thrown into a Nazi camp after making drunken jokes about Hitler. Once there, he is mocked by fellow inmates, but discovers that the Jewish children, from whom the other inmates are strictly segregated, are amused by his clown act, and he begins to perform for them. Why Was It Delayed: Did you read that plot description?

Obviously the real question is why on earth he thought it a good idea to make it in the first place. And in fact, Lewis seems to have been rightly afraid of the material initially, which somehow then changed into him regarding it almost as the ultimate challenge for his comedic talents. Was It Worth The Wait: Well, of course we’re still waiting. Lewis’ emphatic assertion that it will never be seen, makes it a kind of holy grail for film cultists. We can’t rightly grade, having never actually seen it, but the consensus appears to be that we might have to invent a lower grade than F if we ever do.

2006, slated for a 2007 release, but it didn’t reach theaters until fall 2011. Anna Paquin stars as a disillusioned high schooler who finds herself involved in a legal and moral mess when she watches a horrible accident claim the life of a stranger. This picture reportedly emerged from a massive, and massively ambitious script Lonergan penned, the entirety of which was shot as is. 150 minute length, preferring a sprawling three hour cut instead.

Paquin and then-younger co-stars like Matt Damon and Matthew Broderick might as well have been cave drawings. But while Fox Searchlight sought to bury it upon its contractually-mandated theatrical release, the support for the film was vocal, enough to boost the awards consideration despite zero campaigning from Fox. Length of Delay: 2 years, from the film’s premiere in Venice 2005 till its limited, self-financed release in 2007. As his infidelity is revealed, it forces him to reevaluate his life, often through the medium of full-throated song and dance numbers set to contemporary pop hits that better express the characters’ emotions than they can.

Was It Worth The Wait: We’re going to buck the trend and say yes. 2 years, between its TIFF premiere in 2001 at which Miramax bought it, till its eventual quiet U. Harvard who, despite success and recognition, finds herself turning more to the abuse of drugs and sex to combat her growing depression. After a suicide attempt, and a long period of psychiatric treatment and medication that her mother can ill afford, Lizzie is stabilized, but at some cost to her sense of self. Why Was It Delayed: Actually there are several reasons. Was It Worth The Wait: Not really.

The picture finished shooting in 1986, but only received a theatrical release in 1989. A loose retelling of the story of murderer Henry Lee Lucas. Chicago International Film Festival, but it gained no favor from the MPAA, who refused to suggest a proper way to cut the film to achieve an R-rating. It took years, and the outspoken support of Roger Ebert, before the picture saw release, though it was unrated. There’s plenty of bloodshed in the film, though most of the attacks and the film’s examples of brutality are either bluntly non-gory, or short, upsetting bursts. Instead, the picture emphasizes the mundane nature of killing, showcasing how easy it can be to shift from normal to insane in a relatively brief time. Welles’ death, the full extent of the catastrophic tangle of ownership and copyright issues over the film gradually made itself known with successive attempts to complete it.