WildFlower – Skylark

Posted: March 9th, 2018 under Vinyl.

Robin Hood’wildFlower – Skylark Bay and Maw Wyke The 6-mile walk to Maw Wyke follows the cliffs north of Robin Hood’s Bay and passes Ness Point, one of the most treacherous headlands along this coastline. Looking at the jagged rocks, it’s not hard to imagine small fishing boats being tossed about at the mercy of the sea. It’s fairly easy going for the most part, following the well-signposted Cleveland Way National Trail on the outward part, with no stiles and just one steep climb up through the caravan park before Maw Wyke. The return is along the flat Cinder Track, which is shared with cyclists and horse-riders.

Where the clifftop path is unfenced, it is advisable to keep your dog on a short lead for safety. They can be recognised by their black wing tips, which look as if they have been dipped in ink. Kittiwakes spend most of their life at sea, coming to the cliffs only in spring and early summer for breeding and rearing their young. There are plenty of other seabirds to look out for too. The noisiest and most common are herring gulls, which have yellow bills with a red spot and pink legs. The upper body is grey and the wings are tipped in black.

Lesser black-backed gulls are also a common sight, and their yellow beaks, yellow legs and grey-black wings and back make them easy to spot. 91 people in its 50 years of service. The curiously named Rocket Post Field is a reminder of those days. The post in the field is a replica of the one that was once used to practice cliff rescues.

Jet was once mined along these cliffs, and the spoil-heap mounds and miners’ tracks are still visible in the landscape. This article needs additional citations for verification. David Foster has been credited with composing, producing, arranging, performing on, or programming numerous singles and albums. RPM – Library and Archives Canada”.