Startrax Club Disco

Posted: March 9th, 2018 under Vinyl.

For the English startrax Club Disco band, see Scars on 45. This article needs additional citations for verification.

Stars on 45 was a Dutch novelty pop act that was briefly very popular throughout Europe and in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Australia in 1981. Jaap Eggermont originated the “Stars on 45” concept after Willem van Kooten, managing director of the Dutch publishing company Red Bullet Productions, visited a record store in the summer of 1979 and happened to hear a disco medley being played there. The Beatles soundalikes were established Dutch singers. John Lennon’s parts were sung by Bas Muys of the 1970s Dutch pop group Smyle.

CNR Records in the Netherlands in December 1980. The single was simply entitled “Stars on 45” by Stars on 45, with no credits on the label or the cover as to who actually sang on the recording. Atlantic Records single released in the US in 1981, containing the 41-word title. 1 in the US where it was released by Radio Records, a sublabel of Atlantic Records. 1 single with the longest name on the Billboard charts, due to the legalities requiring each song title be listed. The original Dutch CNR Records edition of the first Stars on 45 album, Long Play Album.

The popularity of the album even resulted in it being given an official release in the Soviet Union, where it was issued by state-owned record label Melodiya under the title Discothèque Stars. The “Stars on 45 Medley” single was later awarded a platinum disc for one million copies sold in the US alone. In late 1981 Eggermont and Martin Duiser were awarded the Conamus Export Prize in the Netherlands in recognition of their contributions to Dutch culture and economy. The Rolling Stones and Stevie Wonder. In 1982, there was a staged musical show at the Huntington Hartford Theater in Hollywood, California and a video of that show was released in 1983 by MCA Home Video. A spinoff group called The Star Sisters had a hit in Europe in 1983 with an Andrews Sisters medley.

The albums were released under the moniker of Stars on 45 Presents the Star Sisters. Dave,’ and including the Stars on 45 logo on the album cover, but not produced by Jaap Eggermont. It featured David Prater and his new singing partner Sam Daniels. In 2011, Dutch dance label Spinnin’ Records issued a set of new remixes by Global Deejays and Olav Basoski.