BIRDS 5 – Letna – Morning Sun

Posted: March 9th, 2018 under Vinyl.

IN PSYCHOLOGICAL OPERATIONS  SGM Herbert A. The Hebrews blowing BIRDS 5 – Letna – Morning Sun at the battle of Jericho.

The use of music in warfare goes back to Biblical times. Joshua won the battle of Jericho using trumpets. The ancient Greeks went to war led by flutists playing songs of patriotism and praising the Gods and their military heroes. Legend says that Athena created the flute to imitate the wailing of the Gorgons when Medusa was killed. The Spartans marched to war to the sound of flutes and used bugles to signal military commands.

On the attack, the Spartan Army moved forward while their king sang one of their many marching-songs. According to Thucydides, the songs and tunes kept the marching line in order, which helped the Spartans close in a solid, unbroken line. There is reason to believe that when the Aztecs went to war they played a “death Whistle” that made piercing noises resembling a human scream. George Washington apparently thought so much of martial music that he demanded his own fife and drum corps practice regularly and get better with the threat of demotion and loss of pay if they failed.

Music gave instructions for advance or retreat and helped keep order on the battlefield. Drummers would play beatings telling soldiers to turn right or left as well as to load and fire their muskets. It signified that no quarter would be given. Strangely, there may be some truth to that scene since it has been reported that near the end of WWII, the Germans sometimes played that song to their soldiers to motivate them to continue the fight. We got our own ammunition, it’s filled with paint.

When we fire it, it makes pretty pictures. We have a loudspeaker here, and when we go into battle we play music, very loud. It kind of calms us down. In 1986, Paramount Pictures offered Top Gun with Tom Cruise.